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My name is Vivek Saxena and I am a die-hard electronic cigarette aficionado.  These things literally transformed my life. I went from coughing up a lung to running 12 miles a week and lifting weights daily. I went from barely tasting anything to savoring the taste of the simplest delights. And most importantly, I went from spending over $200 a month on cigarettes to forking over only $50 (if even that) monthly on e-liquid.

The fact is that e-cigarettes worked me, and I sincerely believe they can work for you as well. The problem is that the e-cig industry is awfully complicated. It’s a whole new world full of confusing terms like cartomizers, clearomizers, e-liquid, automatic and many, many more.

My goal with this site is to introduce you to this new world and offer you guidance on your first electronic cigarette purchase.